Izumi S, et al. JOP. J Pancreas (Online) 2011 Sep 9; 12(5):464-468. [Reference 3]

Tumors of the Pancreas, 4th ed.

Hruban RH, Klimstra DS, Pitman MB.

In: AFIP Atlas of Tumor Pathology, Series IV. Washington (DC): Armed Forces Institute of Pathology; 2006. [Full text]

In this Atlas of Tumors of the Pancreas, Drs. Hruban, Pitman and Klimstra succinctly summarize the clinical literature, but concentrate on both new entities and new concepts, described since the publication of the Third Series Fascicle ten years ago. The illustrations, with the exception of radiographs and electron micrographs, are in color, and tumors are presented in detail. The continuing importance of tumor morphology in directing molecular studies is appropriately emphasized. In addition to the extensive discussion, illustrations, and up-to-date referencing of the numerous pancreatic tumors and tumor-like lesions, important discussions have been provided on normal gross, histologic and cytologic findings, and on pancreatic tumor staging. These discussions compliment the authors' treatment of the often confusing issue of frozen section interpretation, dissection, and reporting of pancreatic resection specimens, and an ''unknown'' pancreatic biopsy or cytology specimen. ''This atlas remains the gold standard for text covering the diagnosis and classification of pancreatic tumors. It is a must-have book for all who are interested in pancreatic cancer, regardless of which discipline or subspecialty one belongs to. '' Vay Liang W. Journal of Pancreas 2007;35 (4):388.