When we first conceived the idea to create JOP, we aimed at something that could represent a reference point for the rapid dissemination and distribution of authenticated knowledge in pancreatology. We immediately realized that we will be facing a challenge as:

“It isn't because things are difficult that we don't try, but by not trying, things become difficult” (Seneca).

Here are some of the distiguishing characteristics of our journal:


JOP - Journal of the Pancreas is an electronic journal and considers for publication original manuscripts and reviews on the exocrine and endocrine pancreas

The aim of JOP is to publish peer-reviewed articles as quickly as possible

JOP focuses on the entire spectrum of the pancreatic gland aspects: normal function, etiology, epidemiology, prevention, genetics, pathophisiology, diagnosis, surgical and medical management of pancreatic diseases including cancer, inflammatory diseases, diabetes mellitus, cystic fibrosis and other congenital disorders.
JOP also publishes: case reports, state-of-the-art reviews, book reviews, clinical images, hypotheses and letters to the Editors. Comments on controversial issues and reviews of articles are also considered.
JOP is published bimonthly in: January, March, May, July, September and November.
JOP official language is English.

(Last Update: July 2005)